Third party certification is a way for the customer to feel confident that the joinery products they buy have been rigorously tested. We know the features and benefits of our products but it is only through third party certification that we feel that the customer can feel assured of quality.

All of our timber is supplied from reputable sources where responsible forestry practises are strictly followed
From 1 July 2013, It became a legal requirement for all manufactures of windows and external doorsets to have all their products CE marked. This is a european standard of quality but is enforced in the U.K. by complying to Building Regulations (Part L). It ensures a level of quality, performance, and safety that has 4 key features:

-Overall U-Value (thermal transmittance) of no more than 1.6 W/m2K for windows and 1.8W/m2K for external doorsets
-No hazardous substances are used
-Load bearing capacity

A complete CE certificate is supplied with every window and doorset that RJR produce listing all relevant information

All our members have signed up to a rigorous set of standards of workmanship, company stewardship and environmental disciplines. Each member company is visited as part of the vetting procedure and is either confirmed compliant or awarded an intermediate endorsement demonstrating they are working towards full compliance.

The Code of Conduct includes an 8 point assessment:

- Customer care and response to complaints
- Technical expertise and training
- Environmental impact and waste management
- Sustainability: members must use their best endeavours to meet best practice and source from sustainable sources
- Financial status and stability
- Full insurance cover
- Clarity of contractual dealings
- Compliance with employment, health and safety and education legislation